Rain Storm of 12.03.07 - had 3.43 inches of rain the past 24 hours.
2 inches fell the day before....

These pictures were taken the day after (12.4.07). The level of the creek had already gone down about 2 feet when these pictures were taken. During the highest point, the water level of the creek was past the over-flow to the pond and water was getting into the pond through the overflow.

The only effect the rain really had on us was the creek. The remainder of the property just got real wet. Only one 15 foot tree top snapped off and toppled to the ground (seen in one of the images below). We luckily did not have the bad wind or we surly would have lost many trees. Therefore, most all these pictures are of the creek.

The culvert that runs under the driveway (seen in the image above and below) had some LARGE tree parts. The water was about 2 feet higher the evening before this picture. The tree parts were not visible then.